nuage argile

Dimitri Delcourt invited me to collaborate on a installation for the exposition “de l’argile au nuage” (Bibliothèque de Genève). The installation illustrates the ethereal nature of modern cloud based library catalogs.
A drifting algorithm traverses the Z39.50 based api provided by the federation of suisse romande libraries (RERO) jumping from keyword to keyword. The algorithm is run on a node.js server which feeds Dimitri’s dynamic visualization. The expo is visible until November 21.

photo: copyright Stéphane Pecorini

Memory Catcher

Client: Transmii studio

Fun times working for Transmii studio on their new project, “Memory Catcher”. The project takes place in their “Find & Frame” augmented comic series.

A set of four print posters provide the story’s backdrop. Navigating the posters through the eye of an IOS device reveals the narrative layer. Mini puzzles guide the reader through the story.

The IOS application is written using the Unity3D engine in conjunction with the AR platform Vuforia. More details here.

Salle Romaine: numismatique

Client: DSIC ville de Genève

This project is an interactive visualization we built to help the “musée d’Art et d’Histoire” present a collection of antique coins. We worked in collaboration with the talented designer Dimitri Delcourt to develop a solution that proposes a sensible and sensitive navigation of the collection.

Based on a tactile interface, the user is faced with a dynamic layout system which presents the coins in a 3d space and reacts to her input (spatial navigation, tag filtering, chronological view).

On the technological side, we used the 3D real time engine Unity 3D for the visual client and wrote a tag generation web application with express.js and angular.js to complement the data provided by the museum.

With this project, which was a great experience for us, we hope to have convinced the “musée d’Art et d’Histoire” that digital media can be used to create experiences that are both fun and scientifically relevant.

MHN insects floor projection

Client: DSIC Genève

To liven up a space dedicated to the mysterious life of insects in the muséum d’histoire naturelle, we built a system of reactive critters. The stylised creatures are projected on the floor where they react to the passage of visitors.

The lighting conditions make it quite difficult to film the actual installation. That is why we only show an early tracking test. We invite you to visit the museum to get the full experience.

Creature design by Magali Asseo (muséum d’histoire naturelle).
Electronics and hardware by our friend Xavier (the fabric)

“wrist watch” baselworld 2012

Client: HEAD (geneva)

We were commissioned by the Media Design orientation at Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève) to program the interaction logic for a set of four installations they were designing for Baselworld 2012.

Work done includes, 3d asset integration, UI state machine logic, socket communication with the Kinect tracking software made by ArtAnim, serial communication with the hardware component built by les ateliers modernes.

Overall, it was a great pluridisciplinary experience, and working with the students was lots of fun. Follow the video link for more information.

Ariana “Verre de Venise”

Client: DSIC

We wrote a little mulittouch application to illustrate the works shown in the recent Ariana exhibition “Verre de Venise”.

The user can manipulate photographs of the different pieces, and learn about the diferent designers and manufacturers. There is also a system to group the pieces by date, manufacturer and designer.

The client application is written in flash with the help of the GestureWorks multitouch framework. The Database interface is written in ruby on rails.



@theoreichel asked us for a little help on an interesting design project. The work was for Carina Ow’s master project at the HEAD Geneva.
While Theo was writing the multitouch software, we wrote a server with node.js to manage the syncing of the 4 projections.
The code is on github ->

Arte Salvado

Client: Museum of Art and History Geneva

In 1939 was held in Geneva an exhibition of some of the major works from the Prado. This exhibit had not really been planned: it was the result of the spanish civil war. Over 170 masterpieces had left Spain as a measure of protection against Franco’s bombings.

This historical event is not only interesting with respect to its political context, but also in terms of the way the exhibit was setup. It was one of the first times that an exhibition was laid out in a “modern” rational way.

We helped a team from geneva’s museum of art and history create a 3D representation of this layout. Using the game engine unity3D, we modelled the first floor of the museum and “hanged” the paintings following the reconstituted 2D plans.
The museum’s research team was very pleased with the result. It allows them to easily navigate the data set and helps them communicate with the general public some of their research work.

multi-touch application for

Client: freestudios

The was relaunching its website at this year’s ‘watches days’ event in Geneva.

For this occasion, we created a multitouch application which allows users to navigate some of the video content hosted by the site. The application was running on the multitouch tables we developed with Theo ( @ watches days 2010 from david hodgetts on Vimeo.

multi-touch application for MAH’s centenary party

Client: DSIC genève

We wrote a little multi-touch application for the museum of art and history’s centenary party. The application allows you to choose one of the major museums of Geneva and to navigate (zoom, pan, rotate) a series of images from the selected institution. Although the installation was fairly simple, the users seemed to enjoy the experience.

As usual, our multi-touch ventures are a collaboration with our friends from Together, we deployed two types of multi-touch surfaces. A 22” 3M lcd screen linked to a projector and the three tables we constructed last year for the “cité des métiers” event. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our multi-touch technology or go to