Arte Salvado

Client: Museum of Art and History Geneva

In 1939 was held in Geneva an exhibition of some of the major works from the Prado. This exhibit had not really been planned: it was the result of the spanish civil war. Over 170 masterpieces had left Spain as a measure of protection against Franco’s bombings.

This historical event is not only interesting with respect to its political context, but also in terms of the way the exhibit was setup. It was one of the first times that an exhibition was laid out in a “modern” rational way.

We helped a team from geneva’s museum of art and history create a 3D representation of this layout. Using the game engine unity3D, we modelled the first floor of the museum and “hanged” the paintings following the reconstituted 2D plans.
The museum’s research team was very pleased with the result. It allows them to easily navigate the data set and helps them communicate with the general public some of their research work.