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Salle Romaine: numismatique

Monday, April 14th, 2014

This project is an interactive visualization we built to help the “musée d’Art et d’Histoire” present a collection of antique coins. We worked in collaboration with the talented designer Dimitri Delcourt to develop a solution that proposes a sensible and sensitive navigation of the collection.

Based on a tactile interface, the user is faced with a dynamic layout system which presents the coins in a 3d space and reacts to her input (spatial navigation, tag filtering, chronological view).

On the technological side, we used the 3D real time engine Unity 3D for the visual client and wrote a tag generation web application with express.js and angular.js to complement the data provided by the museum.

With this project, which was a great experience for us, we hope to have convinced the “musée d’Art et d’Histoire” that digital media can be used to create experiences that are both fun and scientifically relevant.