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Scolu: aquatic creatures on mobile screens

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

We gave a coding hand for Leïla Jaquet’s interactive media project. Scolu is a digital aquarium with a twist: the boundaries are dynamic and social. The fish freely swim from multitouch table to mobile phone, and can be shared between mobile users via a set of gestures.

Scolu was first showed at the Milan design fair 2010 and then later at Lift Geneva. You can find further information about this project and other media design projects here.

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It was a great experience and much fun to collaborate with the people of the master in media design at HEAD geneva.

the Scolu team:
Concept and direction: Leïla Jaquet
Character design and animation : Stanislas Bernatt
Software development: Douglas Edric Stanley, Pierre Rossel, Théo Reichel, David Hodgetts
Video: Douglas Edric Stanley